MMC crew has met and held discussion with stakeholders in Addis Ababa

A crew from Mayors Migration Council has met all stakeholders implementing the GCF project in Addis
Ababa on 21.03.2022. The agendum was to discuss about the project’s implementation status, and to
decide the adequacy of the fund allocated for the proposed project. During the stakeholders’ meet, key
decision was made with regard to the implementation of the construction of septic tank and sewer lines.
In the decision process, the representatives from Addis Ababa Fire and Disaster Risk Management
Commission, the Addis Ababa Water and Sewer Authority and the Addis Ababa City Job Enterprise and
Industry Bureau have been participated. As a result, the implementation of the construction of septic
tank and sewer lines was waived since the budget was not sufficient. At the same time, the team has
jointly approved that the proposed fund be used only for the provision of clean water and for the
improvement of IDP’s livelihood initiatives. Moreover, the crew has visited the project site and held a
fruitful discussion with the community representatives and the IDP. The implementing institutions also
pledged to make all institutional arrangements to complete the project effectively and efficiently before
the end of the project life.

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