The project office will create resilience building program, specifically designed to break down existing barriers at the local level, account for pre-existing resilience plans, and create partnerships, alliances, and financing mechanisms that will address the resilience vulnerabilities of all city residents. In general the Office has the following mandate:

City wide Resilience Strategy Design

Lead the design and development of the city resilience strategy

Partnership Establishment and Resource Mobilization

Play an important role in establishing partnerships with different local, regional and international organizations and the private sector for the execution of the resilience strategy

Mobilize, connect and catalyze aciton across a diverse range of stakeholders and sectors

Facilitate the resource mobilization for the implementation of the resilience strategy, the project office will establish a Resilience Facility under the bureau of Addis Ababa finance and economy

City wide Data Collection, Synthesis and Analysis

Conduct resilience tailored demand driven and problem solving research and impact studies by collaborating with local and international universities, academia, research institutes and others which will be an important input for decision by the Mayor’s office and cabinet

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