MMC-project underway

Addis Ababa City Administration has got a fund equivalent to 174,000.00USD under the Global Cities Fund for Inclusive Pandemic Response Initiative from the Mayors Migration Council. The fund will be used for livelihood improvement and entrepreneurship training, construction of septic tank, sewer and water lines to support migrants and internally displaced people settled around Akaki Sub-City. The project owner is Addis Ababa City Fire and Disaster Risk Management Commission. The Addis Ababa Job Enterprise and Industry Development Bureau is in charge of implementing the livelihood related initiatives, while Addis Ababa City Water and Sewer Authority is responsible to implement the construction of septic tanks, secondary and lateral sewer lines as well as water lines. The project is a one year project which will be closed on October 2022. The project is officially launched by the Mayor’s Office. The preparation of site plan, the design and specification for the construction activities is undergoing.  The Mayors Migration Council is closely monitoring the implementation process together with its strategic partner and the City Government. The project will benefit households ranging from 1200 to 1700 upon its completion.  The success of the project relies on the commitment of the implementing agencies and the timely support given from the Mayor’s Office.

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