Nation Creates Over 2 Mln Jobs, More Effort Needed to Meet Demand

Ethiopia has created jobs to more than 2 million people in the last nine months and needs to double the figure to meet the growing number of unemployment, National Job Creation Council stated.   

Of the total jobs created about 1.08 million are in rural and 1.03 million in urban areas.

Chairperson of the Council and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen said the ongoing comprehensive reform can only be realized if it successfully ensures development that benefits the youth.

Due attention should be given to job creation as it helps address public demands, he said, adding that immediate and tangible results are needed in this regard. “We have to break the snail’s pace,” Demeke stressed.

Speaking of the 10-billion birr revolving fund disbursed to the youth earlier, the chairperson noted that “joint collaboration is crucial to recover the money from defaulters and revolve it to facilitate job creation and poverty reduction.”

The construction sector is reportedly at the forefront in contributing 29 percent of the jobs, followed by the service sector by 27 percent in urban areas.Jobs Creation Commissioner Ephrem Tekle said on his part that the country should create over 3 million jobs in 2012 Ethiopian fiscal year in order to meet the growing unemployment and realize its vision of poverty reduction.   

Unemployment is growing even if the number of government employees has doubled over the last seven years reaching 1.64 million.“We are only meeting 1/3rd of the prevailing unemployment number and we must double our efforts to fully respond to that,” the commissioner added.

According to him, agricultural productivity especially horticulture, community inclusive tourism, manufacturing, and creative arts industry are sectors that can absorb large number of job seekers.Commissioner Ephrem pointed out that agriculture alone is expected to create over 5 million jobs in the coming 5 to 6 years.

In order to bring immediate change in job creation, he said, revising the fundamental policy and applying all the necessary measures set to ease doing business are worth mentioning.Moreover, he stated that the commission is working in collaboration with other pertinent institutions towards aligning the education system and available job opportunities.Ethiopia has more than 10 million unemployed citizens, it was indicated.


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