Participants of Int’l Climate Conference Stress Grass-root Level Approach

Participants of the community-based climate conference of Least Develop Countries (LDCs) stressed that the solutions to climate resilience and adaptation are found at grass-root levels.A participant from Niger, Ababale Mahamane Sanoussi told ENA that “we know about the problems of climate change, and the solutions for me are at grass roots.”

The Nigerien Technical Advisor for Climate Learning and Advocacy for Resilience Program added that the big challenge is to link community-based adaptation with the community and come out with something that can benefit for the community through action at community level.The conference is useful to learn and share experiences coming from the grass-roots, he stated.

Climate Justice Resilience Fund Director, Heather McGray said on her part the participants are building knowledge around community-based adaptation to build trust in their relationship.McGray stated that her organization is supporting the grassroots to build their own solutions to climate change.“We are particularly supporting women’s organizations and indigenous peoples and youth,” she added.

According to her, the organization has about 20 participants from partner organizations who have been giving presentations on climate change at the conference.Global Green Growth Institute Country Program Advisor, Gebru Jember pointed out that the focus is on sharing the experiences of the respective communities of participants and taking lesson to enhance climate resilience and adaptation as it needs bottom up approach to alleviate the problem.

He added that all countries should get involved in the effort to reduce green house gas emission as forest fire, drought, landslide, flood and heat waves as well as decline in productivity are becoming common challenges caused by climate change.Gebru stated that the participants are sharing experiences and expected to find resilient and sustainable solution for the adverse impact of climate change.

About 300 experts, practitioners, government representatives, policy makers and donors are in attendance of the four-day 13th International Annual Conference on Community-Based Adaptation (CBA).


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