ILO Develops Application Connecting Employers, Job Seekers in Ethiopia

The International Labor Organization has launched application code named “Sira” that directly connects employers and job seekers through mobile and web applications as well as call centers .The aim of “Sira” is to address the mismatch between job seekers and employers focusing on low and middle skilled occupations. The applications will facilitate returnees and other members of the community to easily have access to suitable and decent jobs.

The user-friendly application that uses both Amharic and English language was developed by “Sira” CEO and a returnee, Mamil Masresha.The CEO, who had no better way of searching for jobs on her return from abroad, was motivated to develop the application to ease the hardship of finding jobs for other returnees.

Mamil stated that “Sira is user-friendly and above all reduces cost and unnecessary involvement of brokers through specific matching like location, job title and educational level.”There are plans to include other languages as per the users of the application if regions welcome the idea and promote it, she noted.ILO Country Office Chief Technical Advisor, Aida Awel said though psycho socio-economic supports were given to over 18,000 returnees in Ethiopia, this application will solve the significant challenge of getting job.

“We are confident that this application will address the gap in the demand and supply side of employment for low and medium skilled labor, reduce the cost of recruitment and allow returnees to seek out employment opportunities that best suits them,” she pointed out.Stating that her office had informal discussions with some of potential employers in the private sector, Aida said “they like it as it is cheap and saves time.”Moreover, she pointed out that a lot of work is being done in close cooperation with the government of Ethiopia to ensure its sustainability.


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