City Provides Plots for 7500 Street Vendors

Some 7500 street vendors were official given plots of land where they could conduct their business in different parts of the capital city.The objective of the program is to integrate informal business  people operating on the streets to the main stream small-scale legal businesses, it was learned.

After distributing certificates to the street vendors today, Addis Ababa Deputy Mayor Takele Umma said 7500 of the vendors are among the 35,000 registered with the administration.Addis Ababa City Administration is working to integrate the informal business sector with the formal.

“We are settling street vendors in identified plots of land which are suitable for business and will work hard to also settle the remaining vendors,” he added. Addis Ababa City Trade Bureau Head, Abdulfetah Yusuf said informal trade has been one of the challenges of the city that contributes to robbery, disorder and unfair competition with the formal traders.

Abdulfetah called on the public and the concerned bodies to work in cooperation in making informal traders become formal.The incorporation of the informal sector into mainstream business is instrumental in generating income for a wide spectrum of small businesses and contributing to the development of the city.

Source-Ethiopian News Agency

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