Transport Authority Starts Providing 18 Online Services

The Federal Transport Authority announced on septembre 25/2018 that it has launched electronic service (e-service) to deliver 18 online services.E-Service is an electronic form of public service provision.
Using the e-Service system developed in cooperation with Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, government organizations can render electronic public services to citizens, non-citizens, businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Speaking at the official launching ceremony, Federal Transport Authority Director-General Abdissa Yadeta said the transport sector creates social linkages and supports economic development, but delivering swift and modern service was challenging.
The e-Service would facilitate modern service delivery and solve maladministration, the director-general added.According to Abdissa, “anybody with Internet access and computer or mobile device can register online and request the services from anywhere.”
Communications and Information Technology State Minister, Sisay Tolla said implementing the electronic service would solve various customer related problems.Sisay stated that electronic service reduces direct human interaction, stores documents properly, enhances transparency and accountability, simplifies processes, increases productivity, and prevents corrupt practices.
To file a service request, users would login on using her/his account or can register in the system to get a user account and continue with his/her application.The online services cover vehicle quality assurance and import, cargo transport, and public transport.

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