Addis Ababa Moderately Polluted, Says MEFCC State Minister

Addis Ababa is moderately polluted and that is a major environmental risk which could affect sensitive people, Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MEFCC) State Minister Negusu Lemma disclosed.

Speaking at the Air Quality Management Workshop that opened  in Sptember 17/2018 at addis ababa, the State Minister said “97 percent of cities in low and middle income countries with more than 100,000 inhabitants do not meet the World Health Organization air quality guidelines.”

Addis Ababa Environmental Protection Agency General Manager, Alemi Asefa said on her part old cars with high gas emission rate, and gas from solid wastes released especially by constructions and industries are mainly aggravating pollution in the city.

According to her, the US Environmental Protection Agency Air Quality Management Plan that will be delivered in early 2019 helps to identify major air pollution sources, general status of the city and its health and economic impacts.

US Charge d’affaires Troy Fitrell said US and Ethiopia will work in partnership to improve air quality management to build healthy environment and population in the country.

“The US believes that an investment in improving Ethiopia’s air quality is an investment worth making because clean air is not leisure, it is a necessity we cannot live without,” Fitrell added.

The Workshop discussed various aspects of air quality management, policies and sources.



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