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Fitsumbrhan Tsegaye

Mr. Fitsumbrhan Tsegaye Beyene is Chief Resilience of Addis Ababa. Holds deep knowledge of Ethiopian Government structures, functions, and processes, with a special emphasis on promoting synergy amongst a range of multi-sector stakeholders. He comes to the CRO position from the Horn of Africa Regional Environment Center and Network, where he most recently served as Deputy Director.

In this role, Mr. Fitsumbrhan successfully implemented a series of programs and projects in the areas of urban resilience, conservation, wildlife crime, sustainable energy, and waste management. Included in this was the reorganization of the Addis Ababa city solid waste management program, transforming the Addis Ababa City Waste Management Strategy. Mr. Fitsumbrhan holds an MSc in Environmental Science and BSc in Physics from Addis Ababa University.

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